This is why I have no time for the Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt fake news crusade people are on. Its hardly turning over to the Nazi’s, sg gov is a bit of a nanny state its always had ridiculous power but the gov is generally quite good at wielding that power. They are hardly turning over controlI, Singapore has always been a benevolent dictatorship under the guise of democracy and its not such a bad thing.

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As Singaporeans I still can enjoy Complaints Chen Li Ying what they say does not mean what happens in practice. That says a lot about their democracy and rights to freedom of free press. Lol same as UK but i am struggling with government properganda and mainstream news lieing for agendas like christchurchNo Worry.

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Vinaya Halabe cause if one says opposite it’ll be fake news, and now this Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt offenseVinaya Halabe they pay very high salaries to high ranking government officials, which makes it an unnecessary risk to be corrupt. People want to give up their power to defend themselves while simultaneously calling cops racists and saying Donald trump is Hitler, things don’t make senseRob Lyttle or call the police and fire departments. Rickie Matthews I’m positive this will fly way over your head, but thanks for proving my point.

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Tachta Erlangga I hope Andy didn’t attend a public school or let his city or town plow his road. Like most posts from Trump supporters, it doesn’t really make sense, but I think I get the Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt Socialism is the power hungry political demonsAndy Magz Thank you very much for the laugh.

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Meanwhile he’s the Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt person in the world trying to limit the power of the govt. The great thing about a law like this is that it can never ever possibly be abused. Nothing has been said on that and also no action had been mention in this scenario.


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