Now Trump is selling arms to Saudi Arabia, when it was Saudis that Metallica Shirt the World Trade Center, murdered Kashoggi, and are waging genocide in Yemen, with Russia backing them. Be happy guysPresident Obama made a deal with Iran over nukes, with which Iran was complying. Stupid choice, Saudis still have not answered for 9 11 selling them arms to use against us irresponsible, profits in this case do Not outweigh the risks.

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The USA has nothing to do with Iran, it’s all about Trumps’ personal gain and the Metallica Shirt of lives of American servicemen n women. But rest assured he will have to answer to a Higher Court, and that’s not on this earth. I hope the Dems take this to the Supreme Idealogues because nowhere in our Constitution does it give any President the right to do this.

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. The countries benefitting from these gun sales donated one hundred million dollars to Ivanka’s women’s empowerment fund at the Metallica Shirt bank. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone look so unfailingly and everlastingly stupid as Trump.

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We’ve decided just to throw out our Constitution and sell weapons to the Metallica Shirt RESPONSIBLE for 9 11. Change the channel from fox every now and thenThat’s how we do things now. Wy can Obama give Iran tons of dollars, wy our President cant make some money for our CountryJames Downs Neither of those statements are true.

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Life’s a real blast when you just kick the Metallica Shirt to the curb and do what ever you want. If there’s going to be a war, it’s got to be worth a dollar or two for Daddy War bucks. And if one single weapon ends up being used for ANY terror act, arrest trump for war crimes.


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