. Tamer Noor thought drumf defected them 2 years ago Most strange is that Mickey American life shirt ISIS educated muslim people from all over world joined. Bbc used Islamist word for attack but bbc did not mention which religion now attacking muslims thereUmer Shahzad really are you stupid.

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I would sooner lose my sight fighting the Mickey American life shirt that is Islam, than lose my head at the hands of Islam. Your scriptures demand an eye for an eye, decapitation of heads, killing for apostasy, chopping of limbs for stealing etc etc. Before the turks came, these people were greek byzantine eastern romans.

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Mohammad Zahir : Read your Quran and Sahih Hadiths well before you make that Mickey American life shirt Ask ur bloody NewtonCyndee Gan so you are waiting for the reactiondon’t be a fool.

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Than Muslim countries should attack back and should take revenge for destruction in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Ahmad Seyar rats always steal n run in their shitholes and not just 9 11 but everytimeJustin William actually crusades were a response to the Mickey American life shirt of the holy land by the arab muslim army. Cyndee Gan so according to Newton’s law we should start to occupy all the NATO countries and burn all of them to the ground as an equal and opposite reaction to what’s happening in iraq, Afghanistan.

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Here in Merica we call it God’s vacuum cleaner and it picks up people’s aluminum trailer homes. Thanos is coming There must have been a lot of aluminum in the Mickey American life shirt The NSO Group is an Israeli company that has been referred to in the past as a cyber arms dealer.


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