Edit: To be clear, I’m a Beta O’Rourke supporter, I was just impressed with Tulsa tonight and I think she won the Moscow Mitch Shirt

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I really like watching these 20 clowns come up with the Moscow Mitch Shirt destructive way to tax Americans. She doesn’t Galvanize anyone, Hell other Women won’t Vote for her, because she’s Attractive.

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Michael Rushing I wasn’t endorsing her, I was just saying she did really good tonight. He wrote stories about murdering kids, having sex with cows, and his family owned slaves. Second, how in the Moscow Mitch Shirt hell is someone supposed to control who their ancestors were.

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He did research and explained how he felt about It and connected with AfrIcan AmerIcans In saying that Moscow Mitch Shirt deserve reparations. Beta and Tulsa worked together In the Armed ServIces CommIttee, and they were often side by side fighting our awful foreign policies. Emmanuel I agree but once he wins I have the feeling that Trump will win again Jess Al while I agree with you but a right running mate for example Kampala HarrIs can swing certain votes to Joe.


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