Why do people have to say what about this Mother of pitties shirt what about that? The murders in Sri Lanka are horrifying and just happened. New Zealand happened several weeks ago so of course he would go there first.It is ANZAC day where is the respect. Sorry but it’s not about Christchurch Muslim attack. What about Sri Lanka.Why the prince Mad. After they bomb Sri Langka killing so many children he still doing this. No respect for Sri Langka.Why all the attention to Christchurch because it’s NZ?, mostly white?, mainly Muslims were killed in the invent? instead of Sri Lanka, mostly Asian, and most victims were Christian, oh sorry Eostre Pagan Worshippers.This proves Islam is winning.

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Lives of anyone is precious but it’s clear theres a media agenda here which doesn’t report or push things equally.What a bunch total cocks you lot are. In New Zealand because its a commonwealth country and he is representing the Mother of pitties shirt who is head of the commonwealth. Sri lanka is an independent country I would have thought that it would be up to the pope as the head of the Catholic church to organise something.I think he should pay homage to Iraqis, Palestinians, Kashmiris and other nations that have become victim of UK’s disastrous policies in the last century.

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Will he be visiting Sri Lanka to comfort the Mother of pitties shirt WORSHIPPERS’ as the MSM call us? It’s time we begin marching in the streets celebrating our God! whAt aBouT SrI lAnKa like how are these victims not valid simply because their Muslim? This attack happened months ago…. Maybe in a few months he’ll visit the Sri Lanka victimssaddos asking about sri lanka, i’m sure he will get round to it the sponging waste of space.All this going whatabout … Ever think it’s too soon to go while they have much to sort you know common decency unlike you using the tragedy as a political football disgusting but openly displaying why religion isn’t a valid reason for youInstead of asking him about Sri Lanka, it is rather pertinent to ask whether any Sri Lanka PM/President etc really care and visit any of those victims personally and console them?

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Or did they just sent condolence messages from their comfort room and never care to visit them like NZ PM did?He ain’t coming for Sri Lanka until he’s dead sure that Mother of pitties shirt is safe for him for his beachy vacation. This summer vacation he will spend in New Zealand !And what about meeting the victims of the horrifying attacks against christian human beings in Sri Lanka? Shame on you.

Then he’s off to Sri Lanka, right?

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The Royal family is as corrupt as the Mother of pitties shirt of the governments. Selling out their own people for what they think is the future.If he sympathises with muslims of new Zealand he may be liked and not bombed but if he sympathises with shri lanka the islamic terrorism will surely kill him. So you know what he is doing? Saving himself and royal hipoIs it too soon to ask if he will meet the families of the British citizens killed in Sri Lanka?There will be NO sympathy for any victims of Islamic terror , because the political elites and Globalists , have chosen to side with Islam.


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