Put it down on paper and make it a law the Official Saltecrafter Merch Shirt guys will listen. Rigo William I’m actually the original poster, a quick Google search and 3 minutes of writing out Google quotes lead to this post. Sean Regan Then what are the guns for and the quotes showing your immense fear of the government enslaving us if we don’t have them.

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I don’t have any answers you’re looking for, nor do I promote inciting violence against anyone. God bless the Official Saltecrafter Merch Shirt Amendment and our President Donald TrumpLJ Brandel This topic is well above me. Sean Regan So when do we all know when the right time to fight the government is.

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If the Official Saltecrafter Merch Shirt ever decides to do that, trust you and your backyard militia buddies playing army still have no shot. Catherine Hickey howd that work out for the Jews when the government, police, and military told them to handover their weapons. No enslavement in Australia and we managed this years ago after our own mass shooting.

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I think some time when u have women as a leader of nation I believed they are more reasonable and they think properly than making a parot man as a president. While NZ is doing what’s NORMAL RIGHT and immediate, the Official Saltecrafter Merch Shirt has an idiot President insulting a dead military hero. Seven days and one mass shooting and seven days was it took for us to free go from the dangers of military style semi automatics.

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Just another law to make it harder on law abiding citizens and the Official Saltecrafter Merch Shirt to ignore. God bless the 2nd Amendment and our President Donald TrumpLadies and gentlemen around the world. LESS THAN A WEEKHey look, it’s someone who actually cares about her people and does what she can to protect themVincent Chin I can see the mess this is going to create.


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