What a joke Rex Kent Yeah they had to rehearse their scripts and make sure they can get it down pat. What a waste of taxpayer money, plus the Pedro Albizu Campos T-Shirt even had a mock session today to prepare. Pool Breed Obama told Mitch McConnell, and he threatened Obama with saying he was interfering.

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Pool Breed Obama’s not a liar, and he said there’s no way Russia influenced voters and could sabotage an election. So grow up and hide under your Hayden Because most of the Pedro Albizu Campos T-Shirt is corrupt. How did your favorite president describe your continent or yet in his genius terms Country of Africa.

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BrBrittany Myers for their own crimes low and yes they are because they broke the Pedro Albizu Campos T-Shirt on their own most of it before they ever worked or even met TrumpWe’ll get an IMPEACHMENT instead. And YOU forgot the bit about missing evidence due to OBSTRUCTION of justice which prevented the SC from knowing the full story. Glen Samuel Shanghai and yet Muller said he couldn’t exonerate him for obstruction of justice.

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PatheticKatie Gore that Pedro Albizu Campos T-Shirt for the Senate to decide and just to be clear, we are talking about attempted obstruction of justice. Manager is in a cage, Carter Paige convicted, Cohen in a cage, Gates will be in a cage, funny how you forget who has gone to prison and who is on their way. That was never said and 6 members of the Trump CAMPAIGN has gone to jail or are going to jail I love how the maggot crew skips over the real facts here.

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Glen Samuel Shanghai, but we never forgot if I was sure the Pedro Albizu Campos T-Shirt didn’t commit a crime I would have clearly stated so. Creepy prove already know the first paragraph, Obama highlighted it while everyone was still on their campaign trails. Billy Dunn, dumb trump when he was at the g 12 meeting that’s what he said to Putin about interfering in our elections.


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