Their reputation is affected and there are a lot of angry parents who will want to hold someone to account. I am sorry but I do not agree that People seriously shirt system and processes are to blame. Jane de Woolfson I am sure they will be pushed out by the board of trustees.

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That’s why they are paid quite a lot given also that People seriously shirt a private school not to make such mistakes. Ana Irimie Davoust you put people under huge amounts of pressure and they make mistakes. Any exam state or private is stressful and must be based on what you studied.

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I am sure the People seriously shirt of the school and head of department will be dismissed. Happened in a school I worked in about 25 years ago a London comprehensive school. If you want to know why young people entering job markets are semi literate, look no further than these kinds of exams.

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Phillipa Fantie Ok so you are a masochist that People seriously shirt being proven to be a fool. And certain books are prescribed in the curriculum to read, analyse, learn, works of different authors. As you then went on to attempt an insult but in reality just confirmed that your limited grasp of English extends to not knowing common colloquialisms.

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Phillipa Fantie Classic comment, you study a book then write essays and answer essays on it. It was an English Literature class and they read a different book to the People seriously shirt they were going to be tested on. I teach GCSE, all students are taught 1 Victorian text, 1 Shakespeare play and 1 modern text that they have to know thoroughly in order to pass the exam.


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