If you really wanna see what’s out there, why don’t you choose a spot that’s not sacred to the Pokemon Nike Shirt who live there. This is chosen because there’s fewer light pollution, the location with respect near the equator, as well as being near the ocean, less interference.

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We already know it exists, look at the Pokemon Nike Shirt in the White House who sum refer to as the president.

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What if they put a big telescope in orbit around the Pokemon Nike Shirt beyond the refraction and other distorting effects of the atmosphere, and named it after a famous 20th Century astronomer. I’m crazy believing in the universe’s Creator, but it’s OK to believe in aliens.

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Any being capable of intergalactic travel can write a 140 character tweet without multiple typos.

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Do better Colonials always seem to build on the Pokemon Nike Shirt sites of people that have no political power. Just to keep it real, there are plenty of scientists who are indigenous people, who would love the opportunity to use this telescope.


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