Maybe the Rip nipsey hussle shirt include women that have had several years off after children, return to work on the same wage they left at while everyone else progresses and earn higher wages. So people get paid exactly the same wage regardless of gender for the exact same job. In the UK equal pay is the law: men and women in the same employment performing equal work must receive equal pay, as set out in the Equality Act 2010.

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Testosterone means men tend to be more aggressive, so more likely to take risks and swap jobs or go for promotion. Men and women in the Rip nipsey hussle shirt role, with the same experience are paid the same. Zack Fenrir You are more close to flat earthers since you are the one repeating an already debunked narrative.

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You cant compare the Rip nipsey hussle shirt of someone with a degree in feminist dance theory and someone with an engineering degree. The argument here is null and void, you cannot compare apples and oranges and that is what they do every single time with the gender wage gap. Otherwise if youre just going to claim someone without any proof to validate then you may as well join the flat earthers.

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In this Rip nipsey hussle shirt anyone disagreeing with the article (the statement) should be providing evidence to support their counter claim. Also in debate it falls to the counter argument to provide evidence that falls contrary to the statement given. Very fake like the colour of most feminists hair(purple and pink)Jedah Zhang the article youre commenting on.

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We hired an all women staff two years ago and saved a boat load of cash. It must be EXACTLY the Rip nipsey hussle shirt job where tell female gets paid less than a man doing exactly the same thing. There are more male cabin crew now than before and same with female pilots but that’s nothing to do with a gender pay gap.


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