While it’s so exciting for you guys that Ryan Scott I Miss Hunter Shirt OS standing in front of world powers my people are suffering. Augustine Laurence Most of Iranian inside or outside of Iran have the same opinion of course you wouldn’t know because you are not Iranian. That only happens in USA and Afghanistan also hijacking, bombing and oh wait 9 11 they all come from your little lovely friends in region not Iran.

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It’s not about respect or bullying it’s about Iran acting like a kid Chris McColl No one marries a 9-year old in Iran you guys keep confusing your middle eastern allies with Iran. John Paul Chapman Let him use his mind brain, if indeed he has any and not Calabash gourd he has up there as a brain. Terry Robert Surgeon Yeah, resort to name-calling per norm, rather than discuss the Ryan Scott I Miss Hunter Shirt as adults.

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Augustine Laurence Can you explain what sanctions the Ryan Scott I Miss Hunter Shirt tanker is suspected of breaking please. Bear in mind I am from a once British colony, gained independence from them in 1979. Indeed, it was an ORDER from trump (hopefully, he will send his children to fight the war they are dreadfully looking for).

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You can marry a 9-year old it’s nowhere near the Ryan Scott I Miss Hunter Shirt century in IranTit for tat. Won’t be America doing anything they always join 2 late look at ww2 joined 3 years after the war started Good for you, Iran. Of course, he will you moron, but we don’t want war with Iran unlike the US who absolutely love wars.

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Michelle MacDonald shut up Hajj Abraham wrote good Kramer enough to understand so shut the’ll Christopher Garrett now it’s time to pay for your illegal work on Iraq. They think Russia will allow them to bully Iran like they did in Iraq. You seized their ship and thinks they can’t do same when you are passing through their territory huh.


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