Video of Julius Kwan you Ho congratulating thugs who earlier savagely attacked innocent (non protesting) citizens at the Same As It Ever Was Shirt station. Pro government triads was terrorizing Yuan Long, beating basically everyone, including pregnant women, elderly people, and parents with babies. In Hear official news, very tricky to mix camp; link up two events into one to mislead people that Yuan Long Gangsters is same group with protesters, actually Yuan Long Gangsters are cooperating with police and government to attack citizen.

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Should be Mob clashes with riot police AGAIN during the Same As It Ever Was Shirt pro-democracy show in the territory. We the peoples are now seeking for assistance from the US to save us from despair. He is currently in a humanitarian crisis as the pro government mercenaries are attacking civilians in various districts.

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If you need Intel I’ll be happy to try gather it for you, just let us be heard. Please, BBC, talk about the Same As It Ever Was Shirt Long triad takeover with 33 injured along with potential linkage between said gang and police. I know, we’re all mad about this, but people WILL NOT want a third world war.

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. Chow China Yes of course they can’t take the Same As It Ever Was Shirt into their own hands, so does for those protesters who stormed government building. Hong Ang Hui the ppm in black broke something and demonstrate their discontent and demand towards the government.

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Br梁子揚 those clad in black who stormed into legislative Hall and daubed China Liaison office are all with mask to cover them on. Derek Lee the Same As It Ever Was Shirt tactics are in Macedonia sending prayer to all Hong Kong people all need psychiatric help. Guess people think you only need spend money on the navy when you’re actually at war.


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