Just get Hillary Clinton to walk into the Simba Water Reflection shirt and watch the temperature plummet Capitalism profits from the destruction it causes. In Chicago, it only got up to the low 100’s but felt like 107* out. That’s the point, this is UNUSUAL and therefore people are finding it difficult to cope.

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Add humidity to it and it’s even worse because your sweat doesn’t evaporate the Simba Water Reflection shirt in humidity (heat index). From many years of living in deserts my experience is that the temperature differential is what the human body has a hard time with. If they baked, we evaporated summers day, sit in the pool all day sipping on Michelob ultra line cactus cheers.

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I wonder: will white roofs and light colored streets have any negative effect by reflecting the Simba Water Reflection shirt back into the atmosphere. Then there’s 55F 6 months later, we have to be acclimatized to boiling and freezing. Just check in on seniors or frail folk you know to make sure they are OK, they’ll appreciate the thought.

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I’m lucky to be in the Simba Water Reflection shirt in the cities this heat is just insane. Thank your lucky stars you live in countries where A C is available, and you don’t need to trek miles for a bucket of water. Good luck keeping cities cool with trees and different colored paints when climate changes shoves city Temps up another dozen degrees in the next few decades.

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I hope they’re a native species and don’t require much water we live in 50c for most of the Simba Water Reflection shirt and only 38c is your concern. Post modern architecture is largely to blame, made of glass and metal, good reflectors and conductors of heat retrospectively. Also, plus do not forget to water the birds and other animals and come to your enough, we in Austin, Texas, have yet to hit the century mark, although the heat index is definitely over 100°F.


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