I agree revoke article 50, and sod the Slothbucks cofee shirt He’s just bitter because his parents named him Benjamin Dean AC Conway you f****** obnoxious arrogant loathsome individual. If brexiteers are so sure that the majority still wants to leave, then we’ll see. 4 million votes get ignored civil war is what more than likely will eventually happenButthurted remoaners, always good for a laugh Benjamin Hopkins No do not revoke article 50 we voted leave and that’s the way it should stay.

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That numbskulls like you are too ignorant to understand that Slothbucks cofee shirt in the end, your problem. Here’s more on indicative votes: Thomas Melieres Frost Well, hopefully we can shoot the f*ckers when the revolution starts, and anyone who supported them. Tilbrook is a lawyer who is taking it to court to stop them expanding article 50 click on link below Mr.

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Tilbrook is a lawyer who is taking it to court to stop them expanding article 50 click on link belowTim A Johnson Mr. She seems to forget that Slothbucks cofee shirt Cameron called the Public Vote which the majority won. Cameron therefore did a runner and Teresa was left to deal with his crap.

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Hc_location=ufiBBC News a. 75% of politicians are determined to stay in the Slothbucks cofee shirt while pretending they are doing what we want. MASSACRE: 134 Muslims were killed and dozens wounded on Saturday when a Dogon militia rampaged through a predominantly Muslim village in Among the victims in Ogossogou were pregnant women, small children and the elderly.

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When is the Slothbucks cofee shirt NEWS MEDIA going to formally Apologize to TRUMP for their 2 year long witch hunt. Where William Barr’s name will be used as a verb similar to the way the name of a hotel has come to be used widely as a term for political scandal and cover ups. An honorable person is someone trump obsesses over and bashes long after they’re dead.


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