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Not that Snoopy I love my America shirt to decides and abortion should both be readily available in the US Walmart is a backer of trump and other corrupt republicans. Their maintenance of guns which they sell to all and always have, represent a huge part of the millions the have accumulated over the years. It’s in excusable that they have profited on the blood of their American customer base.

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New York City recorded 289 killings last year a fall of one per cent on the Snoopy I love my America shirt year while London had 134, a rise of 10 per cent on 2017, according to The Evening Standard. Pardon me, Carl, I was responding to some comments from pro gun advocates trying to make a point that even in a country like England, where there are few guns, many people are killed by knives and other methods. I guess their point is to try to stop what may be a tsunami of people wanting to ban assault weapons and tighten gun control in wake of last weekend’s two cases of mass murder via assault weapons.

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