Beth Kamphaus Knotts you win the Teach peace Sunflower shirt tonight Yeah, but it will be the best Measles outbreak under any president. Until paranoid folks with too much privilege decided they didn’t have to worry about measles any more and showed us all that we are doomedBeth Kamphaus Knotts, go home and get drunk, you’re delusional. Nazis and white supremacists called good people by the President and almost a thousand cases of measles due to ignorance and fake news.

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Migration occurs due to displacement, which means people typically lack the Teach peace Sunflower shirt and hygienic care to help reduce the spread of said sickness. Susan Elizabeth remind me as a paying tourists spending my money in your country how that works exactly. Ghengis Mike if anyone has read American history, every time a new colony showed up they brought new diseases.

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Open borders without screening, vaccination, and documentation = people bringing diseases and spreading them along a population which had been able to let down it’s guard. Funny how you’ve still failed to provide anything isn’t it 68% of measles cases comes from Venezuela, tens of thousands of asylum seekers from Venezuela hitting the Teach peace Sunflower shirt every month, and you’re saying correlation does not equate to causation. Just as there are equally thousands flying in from across the globe and any one of them could be carrying measles, infecting other non vaccinated passengers en route.

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There could be thousands crossing over from Mexico daily and none of them carrying measles. It still doesn’t change the Teach peace Sunflower shirt that you’re a mental patientSusan Elizabeth My maths is fine. Being that I’m a history major I could School you in a thing or two about Hitler, so I don’t need it education from you.

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You didn’t do so well in math did youThat which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence Emily Weller a mental patient reads what they want to read and not what is actually being said. Ffs, people, instead of where’s your source it doesn’t take long to do a quick Google search. Even if you decided not to vaccinate, you can’t catch something that Teach peace Sunflower shirt not exist in your country unless someone else is bringing it in.


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