Aidan Byron I thought maybe you were just stupid. But you’re racist and stupid. The world will not be kind to you. Black people are here to stay flower. Get used to The descont of man shirt. I’m assuming you are Italian origin by your name… which is ironic considering that an Italian invented fascism, the Church in Rome encouraged it, and now you have the Northern League.

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Michele Waggner so this how u think of all The descont of man shirt? I’m a nurse u stupid b…ch and I didn’t kill anyone or stolen from anyone. So if u think like that u rather be like that eastern European than pissing myself drunk at 3am everywhere I go.

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 Cristiana Brandnew Takano I feel the same about the guys in the article. It wasn’t an attack against Italy Cristiana, it was a personal attack on Lola’s ignorance and lack of knowledge of her own history.


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