Tom Paine If you aren’t a far leftist they are going to call you a Nazi regardless.

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The term has no meaning today Tom Paine white supremacist groups have adopted this The Migos T-Shirt flag and used it to advertise their hate. Tom Paine if it’s been adopted the American Nazi Party it has become their symbol. This flag was once the symbol of the United States of America, but it isn’t anymore and hasn’t been for a very long time.

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While yes, it is a piece of American history it has never been representative of what the The Migos T-Shirt States has become. We fail if we let pop culture, especially extremists within it, redefine our own symbols.

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Annette L Hicks My last comment, Annette is the The Migos T-Shirt to co-opt doesn’t rest with Nazis.

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But, as far as I can tell I am not a descendant of the The Migos T-Shirt patriot. They don’t matter in our Google search shows the Betsy Ross flag is not associated with the American Nazi Party.


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