If I predecease my horses, they will be euthanized to prevent the Thick fil a shirt of going to slaughter. There’s another perspective in that after one dies, one has no control over the well being of a pet. I would have given them the ashes of a dog that had to be euthanized due to illness and then give that dog to someone in secret or taken it home myself.

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People wouldn’t do this Thick fil a shirt their child, or someone they loved, Obviously she only considered the dog property. Why didn’t she just killed the dog her self during one of those cute walks they had. I think this woman just won the most hated dead person on the internet at this moment.

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Heat up the Thick fil a shirt so that everyone can fulfil their right to hamburger meat. Make kids stitch the baby clothes for next to nothing in a sweat shop. This is a disgusting example of negligence of the owner and the facility who carried out her deranged wishes.

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There are many ill people who own pets and do not treat them well. So if an insane person owns a dog and wants to have it killed for no good reason it is allowed. If the Thick fil a shirt was alive and wanted the dog to be put down there wouldn’t be any problems.

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What kind of vet would put a healthy animal to sleep last wish or not a bit selfish That’s why cats are smarter, no chance they’d hang around after whoever feeds them croaks it. Medical practitioners performing such unprofessional, unscientific, illogical and inhumane acts should be snatched of their licence forever and immediately. They should be charged with animal cruelty, sought an order from a court or something.


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