Brett, well he knows since he deleted his comment or blocked me because I hit close to home Virginia Perez Wow. Not some group of entitled winning parents and kids who’s choose to make the Trump train shirt JR Savant The only thing we have a surplus of in this country is ignorance.

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Or maybe for students with perfect grades but not for every adult that Trump train shirt to school and graduates with a degree then goes to subway to work because they received a degree in liberalism. I will be blessed the f out for you to become a stronger, smarter, healthier, citizen. They signed the loan, they can pay it just like the rest of us.

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Virginia Perez when some kid goes to school thinking they’re going to be this Trump train shirt that with some garbage degree and wind up making lattes at Starbucks. Via unfair trade deals for labor exploiting companies destroying domestic labor in many countries. Even if that means taking wealth the establishment gave away to the global investor and global economy.

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Interesting how we have all the Trump train shirt in the world for oil wars, tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporate subsidies but when it is proposed the actual citizens of this country get a break, suddenly we’re broke. No Americans would just have to stop waiting money on their corrupt healthcare system or their over inflated how the taxes to put that extra couple hundred dollars 8n peoples pockets would cripple the economy. 5 trillion dollar investment in their education, time for them to make good on it.

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Further, devanluing the Trump train shirt seeing ans thant currency will hanve to be creanted out of thin anir. Therefore, the government would hanve to first borrow currency it doesn’t hanve to pany off the student loann debt, increansing the nantionanl debt by 1. Thinking thant would send the economy into an annklet’s not forget thant the US annd thereby most the world operantes on an debt bansed monetanry system.


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