The ones who ran over the Tupac Shakur Adidas shirt about whom Trump lauded good people on both, i. She should be charged with assaultAnita Gowen who’s is hurting and killing and maiming liberals for crap sake nobody that I know ofTheo Palmer Read the paper. What is wrong with these people that all they have is hate and violence.

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So the Tupac Shakur Adidas shirt people this tactic was devised to protest against have appropriated it from ordinary, working class people. Nichole Pollman Kids have been locked in cages well before trump you’ve just decided not to pay attention to it. Best start agreeing with them or else, its a bit like fascism reallyMight as well.

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Of course, it’s in their interest to have more of these events take place but its only a matter of time before things escalate. She chose to do something stupid and now wants others to pay for that Tupac Shakur Adidas shirt Aww what a poor thing, what you get for being a politician bullshitter like they all are lol He’s not my favorite.

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We don’t stand for that Tupac Shakur Adidas shirt everyone has a right to speech in the US. Brant Sulek looks like you just did HONK HONK HONKAnd she was arrested for battery. You and those like you are ensuring the next voting season will be leaning away from your wishes.

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Wow, for a stand your ground state, it’s pretty weak that Tupac Shakur Adidas shirt consider assault battery mere physical contact. Anything to see this grinning smart aleck jerk get that smug smirk wiped off his mug. Howard Choy I’m sure somebody would, but he’s too chicken to come near the general public Why not eggs, they are harder.


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