People who think this Unicorn weedicorn shirt OK need to read about herd immunity and medically fragile students. Boys where I lived were encouraged to get mumps early because it can make them sterile if they get it older. Along with the painful blisters, he had high fevers and severe bronchitis that turned into pneumonia.

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If they aren’t exposed to kids with chicken pox, or get boosters, they are more likely to get shingles. The body then knows how to make new antibodies, because viruses rewrite our DNA. Because the Unicorn weedicorn shirt stays in our nervous system for life, adults who had the vaccine or chicken pox, are less likely to get shingles as an adult *if they’re exposed to kids with chicken pox*.

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Kids vaccinated from chickenpox outgrow the Unicorn weedicorn shirt by the time they’re about 20 years old and if they get exposed then, could mean death. Kathy M Morgan age old trick: give it to them while they’re young so it’s mild and then they are immune for life, which is important bc getting chickenpox as an adult can easily become life threatening. If you haven’t gotten your MMR or DPT or Hep A and B too.

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If it’s been more than a decade since getting your booster, you’re putting us all at risk. He should further subject all of his children to diphtheria, Hepatitis B, pneumococcal, tetanus, and whooping cough for starters. He sounds like a very considerate parent out to prove HIS point regardless of his children’s well being, soooo.

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President heal spurs should never disrespect a person whom served in our military that Unicorn weedicorn shirt our country. Harris Ouko still a low life poor excuse for a human being, also a racist pig. Sorry to say this is not value for president he sick and big mental problem no respect.


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