The kids parents are the USS Midway shirt responsible for their kids not anyone else Carly Bee I work with kids. My child would be by my side in a busy airport where they could get lost or taken or go on a luggage belt. We were far less litigious in those days: never occurred to anyone not to take responsibility for their own foibles.

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This was 48 years ago in Swiss Cottage, and my son was just trying to figure out how the USS Midway shirt worked. My six year old once got his thumb caught in the escalator belt of a large department store. I sat on the belt at Atlanta on a trip my UK beer belly stopped the belt.

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It’s a 2 yo boy whose mom was looking elsewhere for a mo, all parents have been there. That is why them leash backpacks come in handy 100% the USS Midway shirt fault for leaving for son unattended (taking her eyes off him) for a few seconds. Even though it doesn’t look very civil but I don’t blame them Hold Ur kid’s hand next time.

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This would be my youngest if I don’t watch her Good crack around the USS Midway shirt teaches kids not to be stupid ad jump into a mechanical device. Don’t blame the airlines like the toddler falling off the ledge of a open window on the cruise line that her Gradfather hoisted her up on. The kid more or less came through it unscathed, ad I’m sure mom feels bad enough without the Perfect Parents Internet Brigade judging her.

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People complain about only one person getting bags ad asking kids to wait back while they pass back so it’s not over crowded ad people complain about people not looking after the USS Midway shirt asking where the parents are. The mother complained the area where the kid went in through the conveyace belt was staffed, so That it became the airline airport negligence. This is a childhood dream gone not That wrong The mum knew her son was a unruly tearaway.


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