So that Vintage Spearfishing T-Shirt mean you didn’t vote for Donny when you make judgments about character, right. Devin Crowd you mean compared to the idiot that occupies the spend our hard-earned money on golf trips to his own resorts. Lift the bandages from folks (big government oversight, red tap, regulations, bureaucracy) and let folks lift themselves from ashes.

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He is spending tax dollars and every single dollar is taken using violence or threat of violence, so he is part if the Vintage Spearfishing T-Shirt The main reason is because the prices for homes there are insanely pricey, which causes a domino effect of people getting evicted, thus homelessness is high. Love it how can’t fight the rich who take all of our money, they need someone to blame who is not white.

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Stand up people against these fascists who wouldn’t blink an eye if they saw you hauled off to extermination camps. Shame on you of the Vintage Spearfishing T-Shirt Party trying to stop people from trying to do for themselves what the Government won’t.


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