Maybe your country will take in the wade legacy shirt 2M pro-democracy rioters in before that happens.

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India Mi you talk like an old B movie actor that’s white playing a Chinese man. People need to realize that wade legacy shirt freedom you have in Europe and the US to openly protest and the freedom to express yourself has its limits in China.

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You get to play this wade legacy shirt so many times before the government puts a lid on it.

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India Mi I assume you’re not living in China but comfortable somewhere in a western democracy. 165000 is the wade legacy shirt announced by the organizer, if you see photos of the crowd it’s not hard to figure out there are much less than that Low.

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You guys dare to do same thing to US police You all have been killed. It’s will let someone sadness es Doesn’t matter Hong Kong already returned to China in 1997. Please speak more so that wade legacy shirt whole world knows that how funny You guys are.


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