Karen Roman your government needs to find compassion and finally stop this Waste Management shirt with a proper gun control. Don’t you know the old saying if you see a house on fire through some petrol at it.

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James Drake after your comment few more might’ve died of boredom though Phil Walker indeed.

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Joshua Randall did you not consider that Waste Management shirt gunman obtained his gun in any other state in your country. The gun problem in this country is really just a symptom of the true underlying problem: Everyone here is stressed the hell out from doing nothing but work themselves to death for token benefits and barely any time off.

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Maybe restrict and control the Waste Management shirt so people who are already stressed with their life don’t have to worry about being shot on the way to work.

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Karen Roman When you fight tooth and nail in order to own guns including assault rifles no one should be compassionate. Dale Thereon how about control the Waste Management shirt so the mass shooting stop (like in other countries) Rather than arming more people so once someone opens fire you can all just kill each other.


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