Thora Potts wrong. The native british people (known now as welsh, Cornish, Scot, Irish, Manx, Breton) are not Germanic at all they are Celt and Gael. No relation to We went blues shirt. Yes the Anglo saxons came over and created angleland (England) and interbred with some of the population but there are still many British, Irish, and French (from Brittany) who are not Germanic at all.

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 Well what can i say, i am British after that i am welsh, and i have european We went blues shirt from the whole of europe so we are all related to each other and i have an arabic ancestor called mohamed.

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Tabitha Foley yes of course, I think you’d be pretty stupid not to know that We went blues shirt Most people I know have tattoos, either just one or two small ones, or full sleeves.


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