Start the Yeet First Shirt and let people followGreta Thunberg What will it take Nuclear is now called our saviour and thousands of hydroelectric dams have been built and they talk about extinction. You know, because they’ve dedicated their careers to be experts in this sort of thing. Well done everyone I think the curators of the Natural History museum probably know more about climate change than these jokers.

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Succeeding beyond a doubt at making thier generation look like the Yeet First Shirt naive, YouTube educated, annoying, and innefectual in history. Governments will take more notice this way, not by demonstrating in museumsPerhaps be better to raise money for Sri Lanka or people in need, the world would be a better place. Look at the state they left Hyde Park in a mess there and now a mess therePowerful stuff I would love to pee on them from a great height.

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I’m all up for climate change but this Yeet First Shirt just ridiculous, use your words, not petty actions. This protest is simply counter productive to the desperately real and vital issue of our climate catastrophe. Disrupting a major charitable organisation on a public holiday so disrupting their potential vital income streams and their customers is sheer arrogance and stupidity beyond belief.

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More like a lie in lol Such dedication, lying down for half an hour Give them all a blast with a hose pipe oh but wait that Yeet First Shirt be wasting water PLEASE TAKE ALL YOUR PLASTIC BOTTLES HOME WITH YOU. More in love with the idea of protest than each person constructively doing something to help the planet and awareness to the most polluting countries.

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I wonder if they are going to leave as much litter there as in Hyde Park. Just think of all the Yeet First Shirt used to clear them of the streets and places, probably done more damage than good. Something has to make these ostriches that are business obsessed see the looming disaster ahead of we do not change our waysThey went to the right place as most things there are extinct.


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