Hombek They have been sterilised when giving birth, too many cases to call it accidentsAlexander R. China is hum am right cimniduom they placed Muslims in concentration camps the Zen AF Yoga shirt kill protesters via crucifixion. UN Human Rights Commission ought to have made working visitations to Canada and Australia long agoThe UN hold no power authority over a nation’s soveignity.

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Deji Azeez the Zen AF Yoga shirt that you use terms like only shows how Much you’re down playing it only 6 states only a state is heavily hit. Only a state is heavily hit, and yet it’s only limited to few villages. If they didn’t want to be taken over they should Of Kept Up, survival Of the fittest.

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You are a LIARIf not then stop Crying that Zen AF Yoga shirt were more technologically advanced and were able to beat natives. Get your facts right, we Nigerians are everywhere to debunk any lies told about us. Bob Bojingle that’s not racist you twatGrant Campbell this has nothing to do with Nigeria.

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Why do you think everyone wants to go to Canada and no one wants to emigrate to Nigeria. Together with years of inequality, have contributed greatly to the Zen AF Yoga shirt & abuse of all indigenous peoples. Louiza Hadjisavva I said Europeans have a lot to answer for, that’s a fact.

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Lily Hyatt before commenting in future, learn to write properly, I cannot understand a word you are spewing. Grant Campbell well, I tend to disagree, the Zen AF Yoga shirt generally will have benefited from the acts of their ancestors.


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