I don’t think so, someone only can be a hero when defend his own country, who know how many peoples had kill with his plane.

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Katrina Boyle no, most US soldiers were racist towards non-whites, blacks in ww2 not allowed to share bunkers with whites, not allowed to vote hung by KKK. Vietnam at the Zodiac leo shirt asked the US government to help fight the invasion from the North Vietnamese.

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The puppet, I mean the Zodiac leo shirt sorry I mean the leader of South Vietnam, who manipulated his election and so got 98% of the votes asked.

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What a brilliant welcome back for this Zodiac leo shirt and to have his son there as a pilot who followed in his foot steps Americans, always in denial. They should hide their heads in shame for what they have done to Vietnam but instead they take pride in it.

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These are the Zodiac leo shirt and anthropologists that go out and return these people lost in foreign wars.


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